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I wanted to send you an update on how WELL Bailey is doing!!! She is so smart and well behaved for starters, and probably the happiest dog around. She is my constant companion, she comes to work with me every day (has her own bed and about 5 toys in my office) and is my trail running/hiking/biking partner. Baylee is the queen of fetch and is usually carrying around a 3 to 4 foot stick when we're on walks. She loves going for swims in the Blue River across the street from our house and is also quite the camper :).

When we first got her, we were all under the impression she was going to be a big dog, but now at about 10 months, she's really just a perfect size - about 50 pounds and all muscle! We're almost positive that she is actually a lab/rhodesian ridgeback mix. The bigger she's gotten, the more noticeable the ridge on her back has become - she's a good looking pup!

Anyways, I wanted to thank you again for helping us make Baylee our dog. She is so great, and such a perfect fit. We are just so happy with her every day!

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