The Best Things in Life Are Rescued


I recently adopted Jackson, a one-year-old greyhound/pointer from you! I met him at a dog adoption event at the old elitches in denver. Well I have had Jax (his fitting nickname) now for just over two months, and all I can saw is "wow!" We are so close and he brings so much joy to my life. I knew I wanted to adopt a dog, but had no idea how much he would change my life. I think of Jackson as a constant companion, who will spend at least the next ten years with me, no matter what else comes and goes. I've even been told, by multiple people, that we have the same eyes! His naturally-sad eyes couldn't be refused be even the trolliest of people. Everyone who meets him falls in love immediately because he is such a sweet sweet dog who loves attention and is ripe with personality. But that's not to say it hasn't taken some work. I don't know what happened in Jax's history, or if this is just a breed thing, but he was oh so skiddish at first. He bonded with me immediatly, but it took him a while to warm up to anyone else. We now have a love triange thing going on with my sister, but he is still getting used to men. But with regular dog park visits he is getting better by the day. And as far as other dogs go - he loves them. I live in a house that was turned into 4 apartment units - 3 of which are dog owners. It is so fun to take Jackson out into the yard and let him run with Daisy and Django. He is a very loving, energetic, sweet, well-behaved, mild-mannered miracle that I thank you for bringing into my life. I've included some pictures as an update to the foster family, as I'm sure they have not forgotten Jackson. Again, thank you so much for the joy you have brought into both of our llives!

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