The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

Meister (f/k/a Jessie)

Jessie 1

Jessie 2

Jessie 3

Jessie 4

In 2011, I adopted a dog named Jessie from your rescue. I still have her, although her name is now Meister. This May, she will be 5 years old and wanted to update you on her story. Shortly after I got her from your rescue, I was tasked to deploy to Afghanistan. I flew her and my other lab Jaeger to Florida to stay with my parents. While she was with my parents from about 10 months old to 1.5 years old, she carried around one of my shirts everywhere she went. (I have attached those pictures.)

Unfortunately in 2013, I had her outside and she took off after a rabbit and ended up being struck by a car. She came running back to me and I immediately took her to the emergency vet. She had bruising of her lungs and was not getting enough air. They kept her overnight and she bounced back.

I ended up getting out of the military but I have developed a traumatic brain injury from the military. She is currently in training to become a service dog to help me out. She is AMAZING. Her and I do everything together.

I just wanted to share these photos with you, and thank you for the amazing opportunity to adopt an amazing dog that has helped me get through challenging times in the past 4 years.

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