The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

Chunk (f/k/a Midnight)

Midnight 1

Midnight 2

Midnight 3

Midnight 4

Chunk has become such a special part of our family! He is (mostly) just a chill dude, who wants to be lying right on top of you if he can get by with it, but he’ll settle for lying on your foot and leaning into you. He follows us around the house, and whenever we stand still, he’s always right there, sitting and looking up at you, begging for pets. He and his new friend Stryker get along great, and have become quite the squirrel hunting duo (or trio now, since their little sister Farrah is joining in more and more often) in the back yard.

One of my very favorite things is that whenever I get home (it doesn’t matter if I’ve been gone for 5 minutes or five hours), Chunk is always the most excited to see me of all the dogs. And to show his excitement, he shrugs up his shoulders, wags his entire back end as he squirms around and grunts, and finds the nearest shoe that he can hold in his mouth while he’s doing all that. He never hurts them, it’s like, he is just is so thrilled that I’m back that he has to have a shoe in his mouth? Weird. But so cute.

We love Chunk so much. Thank you for letting him come home with us!

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