The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

Just wanted to update you on Cami B. She is such a sweet girl! My husband and I have had so much fun with her, and she is alot of company to me.

She has learned to fetch, find her tennis ball, and drop it when she brings it back to me. She is walking up to the mail box with me in her harness and is one happy little girl! Just wanted to tell you that the person who fostered her did a great job on the potty training especially! She has had only one accident in the house and that was our fault! She will be going to the vet Saturday morning, a baseball game Saturday afternoon, and meeting our grandkids, and kids on Sunday for Easter dinner. She has a playdate with 3 other dogs next week as she is a little skidish when the dogs next door bark. I just think she is the cutest little pup we've seen in a long time and are thoroughly enjoying her.

The adoption process was great!! She will be starting a training class. Just wanted to send this picture and an update. She is so hard to get good pictures of because they are blurred. She is so smart and active. Her toy box is growing with new toys almost daily, so now she has 5, enough for a while.

Update October 2014

She is now 9 months old, a darling of a pup! We did a wisdom panel on her which showed a mix of Lab and Russell Terrier, but, she definitely has Vizsla somewhere in that line!! We don't see the Terrier!!!.

She has gone through her training and attained her Canine Good Citizen award. What a lovely little girl and we have had so much fun and enjoyment with her. We are hoping she will only be 50 lbs at the most, right now she is 43 pounds.

Keep up the good work! There is not a day that goes by that we don't thank the Lord for her!

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