The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

I first picked up Charlie with the intent of fostering him for a couple of weeks. I applied to adopt him after two days! He was surprisingly mellow for a one year old lab and immediately became playmates with my neighbor's young Dalmatian. He was already house broken and crate trained, so adapting to each other was quite easy. He was pretty thin when I got him, so at the advice of my vet, I have been feeding him three times a day. He is now sleek and muscular with a beautiful shiny brown coat. He gets lots of compliments! He has made many more dog friends during our walks. I live alone and it is so nice to be greeted with a wagging tail and some doggie slurps. He follows me to every room in the house and either brings a chew toy or sleeps at my feet. I feel like I was the one that got rescued!

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