The Best Things in Life Are Rescued

I thought you might like an update on Fenway who became a member of our family when we met him at Eliches carousel building. He is doing great. He and his girl Lady (a one year old Schnauzer we found living in the back of an abandoned washing machine in Guaymas, Mexico) gets me up at 6 every morning, and I take them across the trail to a fenced in 3 acres of Pine and Aspen trees where they chase rabbits and I work in the barn for a couple hours. I bring them home for breakfast and play time. The two hit it off well, and they are together constantly. They are crate trained and sleep together. The afternoon consists of rolling on the floor and sleeping, then another couple hours chasing rabbits while I work in the barn. Supper is at 6, and from there on they are worn out and sleep or play with their toys until bedtime. I say car and he is on my heels until we go for a ride. Loves the trips to Denver. We took him to see a surgeon at VRCC to check his left front foot. Seems it wasn't broken but one of the 2 bones in the lower leg quit growing, probably due to a trauma, and caused the foot to turn out. He favors that foot, but even running while playing chase with Lady or chasing rabbits doesn't seem to cause him pain nor slow him down. The two dogs have their own bowls and amounts to eat, and Fenway respects Lady's food and is happy with the two cups at a feeding in his own bowl. He is a great friend, loves everybody and their dogs (there are plenty here in the mountains).

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