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  • We are foster based and therefore do not have a public facility to visit our animals. Meetings with our animals are set up with an approved adoption application.
  • We accept one application per household and only one dog may be listed.
  • We do not hold applications. If you are interested in adopting an animal, you must submit a new application even if you have been approved in the past.
  • Our cats and other animals are available for adoption directly through the Arvada PetSmart #252. Please do not use our online application for animals other than dogs. (See below.)
  • Our experience has taught us that animals adopted together are generally more difficult to train well and have a harder time adjusting and bonding with the new family, so we do not adopt out multiple cats or dogs, littermates or otherwise, at the same time. We don't mind setting up an adoption for another animal at a later date, but we will generally only send one animal home at a time.
  • If you are looking for an Emotional Support Animal and your housing situation doesn’t allow animals, please get the proper paperwork taken care of so we can verify with your landlord/housing management that you may have the animal.
  • We need to verify vaccination records for any current pets in your household. Please provide us with the contact information where we can check the vaccination status.
  • We do not have the capability to ship our animals.

Please note the best way to contact us is via e-mail. If you are interested in adopting an animal from Life is Better Rescue, please submit a completed adoption application form. We are unable to evaluate your adoption request unless this form has been submitted to us. Completion of the application does not guarantee adoption of an animal from Life is Better Rescue.

Before applying to adopt, please read the appropriate adoption agreement, found here. When you're ready to apply, click here to fill out our online application.

The availability of our animals is always subject to change. We encourage you to check back.


Photo of Kiley Photo of Kiley

This is Kiley, a female, 8 month old Shepherd mix. Kiley is wonderful with other dogs and children, and hopes to find a wonderful forever family full of people and other dogs to love! She is eager to learn and is working in her foster home to perfect her house training and basic commands. She would thrive in an active family who is patient with introducing her to new situations, and will provide her lots of love and attention. She is excited to meet her forever family and is already spayed, microchipped, dewormed, flea/tick treated, and vaccinated. Her fee for adoption is $375.
Please click here for important information about adoptions during the COVID-19 crisis.


Photo of Lily Photo of Lily

Lily is a 6-year-old boxer mix who came to us from Denver Animal Shelter at the height of the COVID crisis. She loves people, and she is very motivated to please. Lily is potty-trained, crate-trained, loves to play fetch, and really enjoys being active. She would make a perfect companion for an active family, or someone who loves to run/jog. Lily would do best in a home with older dogs who no longer play like puppies, but no cats please. She has been spayed, micro-chipped, de-wormed and fully vaccinated. Lily's adoption fees are partially sponsored, so she is only $150 to adopt!
Please click here for important information about adoptions during the COVID-19 crisis.


Photo of Lulu Photo of Lulu

Meet Lulu the long-haired Dachshund! Lulu is a 10 year old female, who was surrendered when her long-time owner passed away. Lulu is a bit overweight, and is looking for an active, loving family that can continue her on her weight loss journey, while providing her with lots of love in her senior years. Lulu has settled in well in her foster home, and does well with older dogs and older children (she is a bit intolerant of puppies and young children). She loves being where her people are, but also does well being left alone in the house. She is fully house trained, likes being outside with her people, doesn't mind the water, and loves being pet! Lulu is quite the dachshund in that she is vocal and can be stubborn. She is also very sweet and just wants loves (and people food). Would you like to love on this pup in her final years? She is spayed, microchipped, dewormed, and vaccinated. Her adoption fee is only $200.
Please click here for important information about adoptions during the COVID-19 crisis.


Photo of Macy Photo of Macy

Hello there - Our little Macy is a female, 9 month old, mixed breed. Macy came to us after being a stray, and through lots of love and consistency from our foster and an assisting trainer, she has come a long way in learning how to trust people. She has done amazing with learning house manners, loves other dogs, and is quite the couch cuddler! Who knew life in a house could be so amazing? With her foster family, Macy is working hard to perfect her house training, loves hiking and running, and is crate training. She needs to be crated when her family is away so that she doesn't get the urge to escape, so continuing her crate training is essential. Macy would love an active family who will let her tag along, show her the Colorado trails, and a family that has other dogs for her to shadow. It is essential that she has other dog companions. Would you like Macy to join your pack? She has been spayed, microchipped, dewormed, flea/tick treated, and vaccinated. Her adoption fee is $375.
Please click here for important information about adoptions during the COVID-19 crisis.


Photo of Maui Photo of Maui

Meet Maui - a female, 9 month old pointer mix puppy. Maui is a little sweetheart who is still learning how to navigate life in a home, as she was found as a stray. She is a little skittish in new situations and needs a forever family who will be patient with her and continue to work with her on knowing that she is safe. Maui is great on the leash, loves being around her people, and does well with other dogs! She would thrive in a home with other dogs to lead her, and children 10 years of age or older (as little ones are unpredictable). Maui is working with her foster family to perfect her house training, adjust to the noises and happenings of a standard household, and basic commands. Maui needs a patient forever family who will continue her training, and show her the loving world a family can provide. Maui has been spayed, microchipped, dewormed, flea/tick treated, and vaccinated. Would Maui be a good fit for your family? Inquire today! Her fee for adoption is $375.
Please click here for important information about adoptions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Life Is Better partners with PetSmart Charities to find forever homes for as many animals as possible.

Whether you're looking for a new family member who is fuzzy, like cats and guinea pigs, scaly, like bearded dragons, or feathery, like parakeets, you can find them at our partner PetSmart location. The selection is always changing, so visit or call PetSmart to see what's available.

Adoptions for these animals are processed by PetSmart, though you can print our adoption application and take it with you to the store.

PetSmart #252
5285 Wadsworth Bypass, Arvada, CO 80002
(303) 456-1114

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All of our dogs are currently with fosters who have the first right to adopt. We have been receiving a large number of applications to review and are making our way through the backlog as quickly as we can. We will inform you once we have made our determination. We aim to finalize all adoptions during various Saturdays throughout the month. Please understand with the current COVID outbreak and the various standards being suggested and mandated to us from the State and the Federal Governments, we are working to create an adoption situation that is safe for the adopters as well as the volunteers and leads who will be completing any paperwork.

We appreciate your patience.


During this current time of crisis, Governor Polis has declared that spay and neuter procedures are elective, and until the ban on that is lifted, any animals that are not currently fixed can be fostered for adoption to be completed once the surgery is performed. This means if you put in an application and it is approved you may take possession of the animal, but the legal agreement that will transfer ownership will not happen until the surgery has been completed. We have a 100% spay/neuter before adoption policy, and although this delay may complicate things briefly, adoptions will return to normal for these animals not fixed once the ban is lifted. Thank you for understanding these are complicated times and we will do our best to accommodate all parties while adhering to our internal policies.